Got my new 2.5 apm, I have attached to it my EM406 gps module. First 2-3 times Flying was just brilliant! The plane has very smooth navigated thru all waypoints and then returned to the home position. I was so happy that it works so fine without any tuning! But time after plane don`t come back to the home position, when I saw that he flies away from me and don`t loiter on the home waypoint, I have cached and manually brought it back. After this time navigation system don`t work any more, I have tried couple times to reinstall firmware, but without success. Today I have connected APM to xplane simulator and here what I got:

How you see plane goes to somewhere else.. and till 1 waypoint left 44349 meters, but in reality there are coupe hundreds meters from plane till waypoint 1.

And on this picture after passing first waypoint appear this message, after plane has not more navigated to home.

And here couple pictures more, how it navigates.

But sometimes it works fine.. and plane makes all the waypoints.

So like it seems the problem is in apm hardware yes?

Thanks a lot for your suggestions and answers!

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Just looking should the hdop ever be 0.0??? I can see 10 sat and a 3d fix reported....

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