Has anyone else experienced this weird issue? Complete reverse of direction mid-flight?!?!

I have a custom build that I'm still working on and tuning, but it is in a very flyable state currently. Using ArduPilot 2.5 board and running 3.1 software. I used Autotune feature to dial it in pretty tight. 

One thing that I've noticed as of recently is that it would randomly switch direction 180 degrees in mid-flight! In other words - it takes off, flies fine for a while (in stabilize + simple mode) and then all of a sudden forward becomes backwards and left becomes right. WTF?!

My compassmot is around 55%, a little high but still OK. 

I can't figure this one out for the life of me. Has anyone had a similar issue?


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Logs of the problem would help.  Not much to say otherwise except maybe check the compass against a cell phone or something.

Thanks Stephen, 

Compass was my first thought too, 

I am not very good at interpreting logs, but if you are please be my guest. 

It will be much appreciated!

Log attached


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