Anyone knows of a device that can send an HDMI signal to the ground. Most up to date DSLR cameras now have a HDMI output and not an AV output anymore. One can use a converter to change the HDMI to AV but that adds another 220 grams of weight and the AV signal is not very good.

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if you want to buy normal video link use 1.3 Ghz from Lawmate (better than 5.8Ghz on wich you will have complite black out in case of signal loss,1.3 will only have "snow"and picture still viewable).If you plan to use it om multirotor with delicate electronics i sugest do not use anything stronger than 8oo mW bcs so much power will interfear with your electronics............

and than,one nice day in the future you maybe able to have something like this,best multirotor in the world 

price?100 000 $++ :-)

Hi Em Bru

We have a Skyjib 8 plus Photohigher gymbal with retracts & 360 pan and we want to take good photographs and video from the air, maybe even with a Red Scarlet (if it can handle the weight). We don't want to broadcast, we want to have a monitor on the ground that gives us a very clear picture. So, by the time we take a picture or video we know approximately how it would look when the craft is back on the ground. The camera will do the recording but we must be able to know what we shot and not just a hope and see.

Thanks for your input

Than it is easy....Lawmate 1.3 Ghz 800mW,and if you use ArduCopter FC buy yourself this and if you use Canon Eos camera (5DmarkII or 60D for example) you will be able to control the camera from the ground.I strongly sugesest not to put expensive red scarlet until you are very good pilot....sometimes good lenses are more important than camera.....

So, where can one buy this Lawmate, hope it gives a very clear AV (composite) picture and where can one buy the

MinimOSD meets ArduCAM OSD Config

I don't find it on the JD Drones website


as to picture quality my experience show's that 5.8ghz gives slighly better quality among analog receivers (i have tested myself 900mhz, 1.3 and 2,4ghz)

i use 1x transmitter on the rig (200 or 500mw, depending a bit on situation) and 2x 5,8ghz receivers with patch antennas + oracle video diversity. i believe i have pretty good results.

video tx/rx i bought from, anennas in the same place, oracle you can get from

for battery monitoring i use a) telemetry which comes with dx8i b) timers - i leave myself plenty of time to "come back" and land


Hi all, my little opinion.
a high definition camera on the plane and land a high definition receiver.
camera can be any HD model. Connected to a wifi ip, example:
on the plane or quad:


This equipment is used by the Draganfly, and I can say that the quality is excellent.
Now you just need to find a program to play the HD video.

and I am testing the equipment I use this program
vlc multimedia,

I totally agree..

FYI, most screw in lens on a gopro will require some sort of glue... (we used similar had to glue the lens on to keep them in focus).

Interesting links...but that Draganfly stuffs are seriously overpriced..

Just my observation..there has been so many solutions suggested by members here yet nothing seems to fit Gerry's requirement yet..

Gerry is too picky :)

honestly - i think 5.8 will work for him and if not he'll end up buying teradek :)

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