Anyone knows of a device that can send an HDMI signal to the ground. Most up to date DSLR cameras now have a HDMI output and not an AV output anymore. One can use a converter to change the HDMI to AV but that adds another 220 grams of weight and the AV signal is not very good.

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I presume by "AV" you mean "Composite" - single yellow RCA connector? That's SD, either NTSC (crap) or PAL (ok). It cannot do HD.

There is also "Component" HD video (usually YPbPr, sometimes RGB).
This is generally on three RCA connectors coloured red, green and blue
It's plausible that could work over three analog video senders, depending on what conversions they do internally.
- This relies completely on timing skew being identical between all three.

However, there is no easy way to convert HDMI to component video.

If you're after broadcast-quality digital HD video air-to-ground in real time with long range, then you're looking for the kind of video transmission kit the big broadcasters like the BBC use to cover sporting events.

The kit to do that properly is seriously expensive, and most of it is not in ISM bands so you also need a radio licence from OFCOM/FCC or similar.

- The very-long-range versions also require antenna operators to keep the buckets aligned. Not exactly a very fun job!

One "poor man's" solution would be WiFi (or other IP-over-radio) using some kind of small HDMI to IP converter/encoder.

The latency on a WiFi link is pretty awful (and variable!) though, I wouldn't really want to use it to fly FPV.

What is the actual intended use?

Are you filming a live event from the air?

sorry to jump in, but i got really curious - why is it exactly that "NTSC is crap", and "PAL is ok"? :) they're exactly the same analog video, just slightly different resolution + ntsc has higher refresh rate  (25vs29smth)

It's not called "Never The Same Color" for nothing! LOL!  :D

Exactly! the problem with NTSC is the colorburst signal which makes color possible while still compatible with black and white sets. This backwards compatibility is what defines most of the limitations in NTSC. Some of them are how many colors can be displayed, how fast can adjacent pixels change colors, and the worst spec of all is that no two devices ever seem to display the exact same color. 

The limitations in bandwidth have a lot to do with the technology the signal was designed to be received by. They didn't have great notch filters that we can now perform with DSP so the specs of the signal take up huge amounts of bandwidth (comparatively). This is why commercial broadcast of NTSC stopped in 2009. 

More info on NTSC VS PAL

It's not so much that's it's crap, it's just that better formats exist. Further, adding telemetry data using an OSD, you'll really see the limits of the resolution and text size that fits in the NTSC signal.

thanks guys, feel smarter again :)

Product Description cost too much but it works

Long range video system ready with Yagi antenna.

This system comes with the powerfull 1000 mW Lawmate 1.2 Ghz Wireless Video link.

This package also include a 13 dBi Yagi antenna for Extreme long range FPV flying. (Over 20 KM)




This package will be shipped from EU.


Note: TM-121800  Wireless Audio Video Transmitters may not be legal for using in some countries. can't held any responsabilities for the use of these devices. In some countries you need a HAM licence to operate this system.


What does it cost and what kind of signal can it send?

HDMI or composite?

What is the size and the weight of the transmitter and which voltage does it use?

Sending and streaming HD via a afordable video sender is not yet possible because you cannot get a high enough refresh rate (1080p is not the only variable) with the Gopro you can send SD via a standard sender while it records to the memory card in full HD.

Yes, the GoPro would be fine, if it did not have a fisheye effect, now it is a NoGo.

Sending and streaming HD is completly possible,only thing is,it is not affordable(at least not for me) or something like this 

for affordable version i posted a link before and here it is again you will only need to tweak the antenas to make it work at longer range(200m+,this is no good for FPV,but for everything else it is).Problem is,you still did not specified for what you will need this;is it for FPV,is it for HD signal,live broadcasting or is it just for monitoring...

Problem with GoPro1 fisheye can be solved if you change the lens and put some from sunex or similar(google it).on GoPro 2 you can choose different modes so problem is not that big

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