Anyone knows of a device that can send an HDMI signal to the ground. Most up to date DSLR cameras now have a HDMI output and not an AV output anymore. One can use a converter to change the HDMI to AV but that adds another 220 grams of weight and the AV signal is not very good.

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The Boxx system and IDX CW-5 are staples in the broadcast industry. Problem is they are $$$ and in our context: super heavy. Teradek is the new player on the block, I've met with them at NAB last year and the system is pretty limited to get a clean HD signal (e.g. 1080p/30 or better) out of the box. Maybe above the horizon LOS you may get 150ft point to point. Their saving grace to extend range is multiple access points (802.11n). Boxx does similar, and has much lower latency as well as they use 5.8Ghz for more bandwidth.

Adding wattage, i.e. an antenna amp, and you'll hit latency issues. Also, the data rate from NTSC to [full] HD is large, at least 3x. The right tech would be a WiMax type solution. Nonetheless, all will be expensive. Aside from directional antennas, long range, low latency, wireless HD is a hot topic in the broadcast field.

That is because it is not practical or cost efferent to do HDMI HD FPV. But the solution is out there HD IP camera cellular GPRS module to broadcast over IP or EVDO USB dongle & beagle board to handle IP broadcast. 
 cam product Page:

"Hi Em Bru

We have a Skyjib 8 plus Photohigher gymbal with retracts & 360 pan and we want to take good photographs and video from the air, maybe even with a Red Scarlet (if it can handle the weight). We don't want to broadcast, we want to have a monitor on the ground that gives us a very clear picture. So, by the time we take a picture or video we know approximately how it would look when the craft is back on the ground. The camera will do the recording but we must be able to know what we shot and not just a hope and see."

i must say i siriusly doubt that someone who invest $10000+ into octocopter and gimbal know so little about simple video link transsmission.....

yes this is very easy solution you need a computer to decode & stream the HDMI data over IP; then. you need a computer small & powerful enough to do it I think raspberry pie or beagle board .
but compiling all the video related repositories is going to be a little work. 

Thanks Jaan!

However I have been producing international TV commercials over the last twenty years and believe you me I know how clients can behave if they don't have a clear picture of what the camera is seeing. In the olden days only the camera operator saw anything then some arsehole invented video assist and suddely everyone had a say in how the commercial should be shot in stead of just the director who believed the camera operator. That's the reason why they pay the director the big bucks.

Thanks Em Bu

I don't understand why you are getting personal, we are techy talk here and not about emotions.

This question has caused a very interesting debate so far. If you need proof of me having an octocopter send me your email address and I shall send you a video.

I have ordered Infrontech 5.8 transmitter and receiver might have to cancel it if someone gives me better advice. Jaan has come up with some good ideas although he thinks I'm picky.

I know how a transmitted AV composite signal looks like, I was interested to kow if there is a device that can send an HDMI signal that is not too expensive.

Furthermore I don't think you would get very far with $10,000 for an Droidworx Octocopter. Don't forget all the extra add on's you would need and you are probably looking in the vicinity of $15,000 or more!


This might be an interesting solution, anyone willing to give it a try?

hm,sorry for me being daubtful....

Hi Haidar

There is a lot of guys throwing in their penny's worth but it is expected in a forum. So far I have found it a most interesting discussion, I think everyone can learn from it, even the novices like myself but you are absolutely right, no one has really come up with a solid answer. Maybe the future is not yet upon us......

I wanted to say the same... but i understand petty clients too..

This discussion has been on for more than 10 days, it even came up in my dream...'why would someone ask so much of a video downlink'.. with your explaination now i know better.. Cheers.

Is there any delay in video display with this set up?


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