Anyone knows of a device that can send an HDMI signal to the ground. Most up to date DSLR cameras now have a HDMI output and not an AV output anymore. One can use a converter to change the HDMI to AV but that adds another 220 grams of weight and the AV signal is not very good.

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Thanks guys for all the input, I think we have an answer for HDMI downlink.

Now the next question 3-axis gimbal stabilisation, what else is out there except Picloc?

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@Gerry, Droidworx don't sell to the public.  They are wholesale only, and their price excludes, tax, shipping and customs duty.  The recommended retail price for Droidworx retailers is the price listed on the Droidworx site plus 8%.  That being said the Droidworx price is 1875 Euros = $2 334 AUD.  

This is about $200 AUD more than the RRP set by Droidworx.

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Hi Jaan

Would one need the Teradek encoder as well as the decoder?

depends on what do you want to do. if all you need is looking at video on your laptop or ipad - no, you don't need decoder. if you want to see video on some external device (producer's monitor, plasma tv) directly without intermediate laptop - then yes, you do need a decoder.

and you can combine them - for example, use HDMI encoder cube and HD-SDI decoder (kind of transcoding pair)

Thanks, fascinating.....

Well yes & agen I keep stressing it is IP based Livestream Broadcaster pre-orders available now, shipping at the end of May for $495

A vivid memory of Cisco's would-be FlipLive streaming camera is all we've got, but thankfully there's existing devices out there like the Livestream Broadcaster to help fill that void. Priced at a whopping $495, Livestream's Broadcaster allows it to be paired with an array of shooters via HDMI and used to stream live high-def vids to any Livestream-equipped device over Ethernet, WiFi, or with a 3G / 4G USB dongle. Aside from being capable of sending out 1080i waves, the Broadcaster can also push 720p and 480i resolutions (in case you don't feel like being a bandwidth hog), while all video and audio encoding is done with H.264 and ACC, respectively. It's also worth noting that the near 500 bucks includes a three-month sub to Livestream's service, which usually costs an extra $45 per month. For now, this bright red streamer's only available to Euros and Americans, with shipping set to commence by May 31st

could you please provide some link to technical data?

for example, does this support resolution transcoding (from 480p to 720p or vise versa for example), what kind of connectivity it supports (AP and/or ad-hoc), on which bands does it work, which 4g modems does it support?

how much can i play with bitrates (what is the supported range)? does it only have hdmi input, or analog rca too?

do you have any beta testers/resellers in europe, who can share their real life experience?

thanks in advance,

 Cisco camra will do this as well


Highest Quality HD Video

Cameras connect to the Broadcaster via the HDMI video input (including HD 1080i, 720p, and SD 480i). The Livestream Broadcaster encodes real-time in high quality H.264 video and AAC audio at up to 2.3 Mbps. HDMI audio or line in (3.5mm jack) audio input are provided.

The big question is what is the latency and range of the device.

I have been looking at a Teradek device which dies the same over wifi but at 1080p. They claim that to get the least amount of latency of 70ms, u would have to use their own receiving unit on wifi adhoc mode

a bit more expensive, but definitely lighter:

I am aware that this is an old thread, but as there are still people looking for a solution you might want to take a look at our new product Sky Drone Link, which provides a Full HD video link from air to ground with HDMI input.

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