"Heads Up" Orientation control

Hey guys I just thought of a really good idea. I'm not sure it's been put into practice yet.

So when you're flying a drone, sometimes the pitch controls can get confusing depending on if you're just not very coordinated or nervous flying in tight spots while the drone is facing you from ahead or even from far away if you can see it but can't tell the heading when flying by LOS and not FPV. I know for me I'm a more confident fixed wing flyer and there is something about a quad that gets me weirded out from landing facing me or descending through lots of trees etc in an orientation that isn't tail-to-nose inline of sight.

I figure that for less comfortable confident flyers, or flyers who are descending/ascending in a tight zone could benefit from stick control that is based on RTH and only requires you to face the direction of the drone such that a reverse pitch of the stick would bring the copter towards you, and side-to-side would change the left to right panning along that radial axis regardless of what the drone's heading is. This would help to prevent crashes caused by human error of mismanaging the sticks in an unfamiliar heading especially while navigating back to a landing spot manually with many obstacles. Call it "Heads Up" Mode for instance.

This mode can be switched on and off depending on the circumstances. For instance if RTH was not setup correctly to combat an aggressive headwind on return, once the drone is out of sight with a possible loss of FPV connection, all you have to do is pull max reverse pitch to get that drone back towards you on the double after switching on one of your channels/modes.

Tell me your thoughts..

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    It does not matter, Truthfully I never noticed if it did or not. the important function was that whatever the orientation of the drone that pulling the stick back brings it back to the point above the launch position, moving the stick left makes a circular path to the left at the same radius as the drone to take off point distance. that way its under your control even if yo lose orientation awareness. 

  • but does it work exactly the way I describe? Does the drone face you?

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    check the manual.. you can set simple or super simple for each of the existing modes. 

    Super simple is exactly as you describe. it works great and has been implimented for a long time. 

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