Hey guys - I just got a Mastor-G brushless gimbal yesterday and finally got it configured and working. The only issue seems to be weight. The weight of my Arducopter now includes the gimbal assembly, camera (GP3 naked), and battery to run the gimbal (3S 100 mAh). 

Video here.

Obviously the added weight is going to affect handling and flight time. What would be the best way to get longer flight time? Larger capacity batteries, props, motors? I'm not sure I can reduce the weight very much, maybe by drilling some holes in the quad arms, but not sure that will make much difference.

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I would recommend using the online tool to play with the values you mentioned above.



What kind of flight time are you now getting? What weight, kit type and battery size? I don't normally recommend drilling holes. Larger battery maybe or 2 batteries in parallel.

Thanks, I'll check it out!


I haven't timed a flight with this setup quite yet, I may get time to do that today. I have a postal scale around the house somewhere, I'll get a before and after weight. I'm using a 3DR Arducopter kit, APM 2.5 with GPS module and 3DR radio telemetry system. I have been using 2200mAh 3S batteries. 

5000mAh would be a good battery size. It's what I use and I get about 15 minutes with a small gimbal.

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