I did it, finally the hexa is ready for a tune! its taken its sweet time, over 2 months of waiting and building and lots of $$$ but im excited to take it for its maiden flight real soon. my intention of using this hexa was for aerial video with future heavy lift if and when needed.

any help with tuning would be helpful. will try and get some video of the maiden flight and some tuning progress vids too.

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Hi, nice hexa. Tuning is a bit tricky. Some of us (for example me) are having to fine tune hexa. Is quite dificult. But you can start with some values like: 

stab P: around 1.8 - 2.5 (powerful motors)

stab I: 0.1

rate P: 0.080 - 0.120 (again powerful motors)

These are actually mines:

STB_PIT_P  3 (I think I change it last flight to 2.4 but I'm not sure, it flies with 3, but little wobble)

STB_PIT_I    0.1


RATE_PIT_P             0.085

RATE_PIT_I              0.1
RATE_PIT_IMAX       15

I'm using 2.0.54 firmware with the attitude patch.

thanks, ill give it a shot, hopefully tomorrow if the weather holds out.

hi guys, any one have any clue as to why my esc/motors are beeping like crazy after a firmware update .55 ?

hey guys, here is a quick video what is going on with my esc/motors. any one can help?


Try ... go to cli and not sure if I remembered right, but issue the motor command and the beeping will stop (assuming you did calibrate the esc properly) ... good luck ...

roger, ive tried that and nothing. ive also tried to do a manual esc calibration again and in field esc calibration. i dont get any confirmation from the esc they just keep beeping. im starting to run out of ideas.

this is the pcb connections

and to the apm board

I've searched high and low, still no luck. Ivwould like to get some tuning soon as ive got a small video job coming up but im dead in water right now. Is there something wrong with .55 or is this hardware related?

@Paul, have you tried disconnecting each individual esc and calibrating? BTW, your hexa looks nice. I finally put mine together too, so I was looking for some tuning help. Are you using a UAP1 frame from Rusty? I have the same.

@nicolas, do you fly at all in acro/rate mode? i have just finally finished building my hexa and tried the default PIDs and it was very wobbly. I will try out your shared settings as starting point. My hexa is heavy...almost 2.5kg AUW.

thanks kevin, ive spent countless hours on her and now its playing up. i have done the esc calibrating individualy from the get go. what i have done though is taken out the red signal cable from esc's and only have white and black connect to the PDB as i run a seperate BEC to power the apm. could this be the problem? should i plug the red cable back in, doing so triggers the esc becs right?

You could re-install the red wire or you could make sure you power your receiver with the BEC. I just remembered that I have run into this before and I had to recalibrate the radio to get it to stop.

Hopefully that works.

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