I did it, finally the hexa is ready for a tune! its taken its sweet time, over 2 months of waiting and building and lots of $$$ but im excited to take it for its maiden flight real soon. my intention of using this hexa was for aerial video with future heavy lift if and when needed.

any help with tuning would be helpful. will try and get some video of the maiden flight and some tuning progress vids too.

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thanks ill give it a shot. forgot to mention, yep its a rusty's uap1 frame. real solid and using cf booms, the same ones on the droidwerx copters.

very nice. btw, mind sharing some of your specs? i have mine together, but it's seems rather heavy with a 4s 5000mah. i might have to get some more powerful motors or turn this into a quad until i can get bigger motors :/

sure. im running below

- esc turnigy plush 25

- 35-36 910kv from hobbyking

- 10 x 3.8 slow flyers props

- apm 1280

- gps and sonar

- xbee telemetry

- fpv 5.8ghz immersion with 500 lipo

- 468 landing gear with camera roll/pitch

- quannum telmentry for batt voltage

- 6000 4s and 2 x 2200 3s 

roughly total weight is 3kg

i think that is everything

thanks for sharing. i like that x468 gear. it's nice. did you have to do much surgery for it to fit? that's a lot of battery power on board at once. i think i need to source some bigger/higher kv motors. i am using the rctimer 2830 750kv on 4s. it's just barely making it on half throttle.

sorry for the batts only either the 6000 or 2200's one at a time, not both, thats surely overkill for both :) 

some little sanding and glue was required for the 468 however seemed to all fit nicely.

how much watt are those motors? these ones are rated at 350watt

AH ok haha!! the RCTimer motors are rated just under 200W :/

holy cow!

fixed it. all this time it was in mission planner setting up the radio properly! arrggg. i didnt know the software was so particular when it asks after calibrating radio " center all sticks", previously i just had the throttle stick to 0 then click ok. 

ok so back on track... yay.. off to tune, will do some flight/tune vids too. over and out

Right now tuning Hexa jdrones 2.5.3 880, 12x4.5, Started off with stock pids and Rate Roll P 0.1, Stabilize Roll P 3, TriM_throttle 450. You people way ahead with the same rig, any final tuning parameter values?

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