heavy octo for semi-pro and pro video gear - with arducopter


is there anyone on forum who have built (or bought) copter for carrying heavy-weight (3+kg) video gear and is using arducopter board to control it? Duran DeV is running droidworx AD8HL and i am trying to contact him to find out about his setup, but anyone else?

would anyone be interested in kind of .. "assisting the build", remotely?

what i need is advise on

- frame (so far looking at droidworx skyjib/AD8HLE, or cinestar 8?)

- motors for that frame (AXI?)

- powerboard (or esc?)

- props (size and manufacturer? i've seen more than one prop braking on my friend's MK, it's really f..ng scary when it happens 30m above the sea)

- i would really like to use arducopter instead of MK - small, compact and developing project (and cheaper, too) + strong engineering community

camera we are aiming towards is fs-100, which (with reasonable lens and battery) weights about 2,5kg..
camera gimbal - av200, no 360pan (at least, not yet).
flight time - 10 minutes in the air in reasonably chill weather would be great..

what did i miss?

budget for frame+motors+powerboards/esc+props should stay within .. ideally 3k€, and i'm located in europe (so when ordering something from USA/Asia i will have to add VAT 20% + custom fees, another 5-10%)

did i miss something? fpv gear i have, tx/rx will probably be spektrum dx8, and i can find good specialists in soldering/electronics (not that i would like to spend too much time in that area)

RTF packages on kopterworx (and anywhere else) are always running MK, usually include lots of stuff i don't need and are above my budget..

example calculation (based on kopterworx.com pricing):
frame: 1x cinestar 8 @ 1750€
motors: 9x kw4pro @ 80€
props: 5x 12x4,5 cf @ 79€/pair (no sure size is enough, but for price indication should be good, i suppose)
powerboard: 2x herkules II power board pro @ 499€

total is 3120 (tax deducted)..

it feels somewhat.. scary? to put tiny (reasonably cheap) arducopter in control of gear with flying cost a bit less than 10k€.. maybe what i need is a bit of .. confidence? :)

thanks in advance,
p.s. in my fleet i have gaui330x to carry gopro, custom-built aluminium hexa (now dead due to frame failure) with arducopter, foxtech carbon hexa frame with arducopter, couple of light planes for fpv (hk epp fpv sub-2m wingspan etc), 450sized and micro heli's.. so i am not a complete beginner - but of course very far from being a professional..

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share, Duran DeV, SHARE :) sharing is good, very good :) we are all waiting :)

Very nice!
That's 178 Amps per battery with two 4S packs in parallel at peak power.

What make of motor is it?

Hi Duran,

1. How many LiPo cells (what voltage) would you use in that 8*660W configuration? And what props?

2. I have no experience in heavy lift multirotors, but are you saying that you experienced lack of power with the MK 350W motors, or what would be the major gain with this power step-up?

3. Has the power ability been confirmed with these 660W motors? ( it is imperative that the specs are based on equal rating criteria.)

4. Your development project is interesting, but I would say you need to tellus more in specific what you are coming up with, and to demonstrate with some videos (you already sold a few).

5. Also, please state what issues you had with DW and PH 360 pano, that is really interesting.

6. The stand alone camera stabilisation, would that be PicLoc 3X?

Lot of questions... ;)

/ Tomas

Hi Carbon,

I was wondering if your new camera mounts will feature 360 Pano option?


I think the 360 pano is very useful in some types of video- and stills- missions.

Ah -Carbon, just read on your web site, re. MegaRadius

"Additional Yaw upgrade to follow".

I am seriously interested in your heavy octa. Since I am thinking about the 360 Pano configuration, I hope you design it with Picloc 3X in mind, to provide installation space on the tilt unit. And sufficient with mounting space for battery, RX and video TX. Since when using the mount in 360 pano config, it will operate independant and separated from Octacopter system.

Your comment on this, please.

I'd like to share the first screenshot of a partial assembly of the Professional MegaRadius Gyro Servo Stabilized Camera mount for use with the Canon 5D MKII, 7D and RED EPIC cameras.
There will be spring shock absorbers above the skids (not shown) and this will directly fit all the larger CarbonCore Multicopter frames. This is about the 5th version of this camera mount after vibration analysis and this one is going to the cutter in the next few days. The website listing will be completed shortly. http://shop.carboncore.co.uk/Camera-Mounts

That looks like a very serious mount!

It was sent back in time to kill John Connors mother!!!

My girlfriend commented that "It has toes"...

I have now made bigger skids for the MegaRadius after receiving a few emails of interest.

The machine files for the new X8, Y6 and H6 950 and Octo 1000 AND the MegaRadius were sent to the cutter about an hour ago, a few days ahead of schedule.

They should all now be in-stock for Mid-January.

Only got to make the product bundle listing for this camera mount, draw it's assembly manual and make about 12 other assembly guides and Combo Deal listings in the next 2 weeks...
But first, a day-off tomorrow me thinks :)

slightly offtopic, but nevertheless.

as i thought i might be buying octocopter frame from carboncore - he sounds honest and passionate guy, but being first to spend 400£ scared me a bit :)

so i decided to order small quad ("smallspy") frame from carboncore and see, how it looks and feels.

received it today, assembled and already had small hovering in the flat. frame looks and feels rigid and strong. not a feather, but it's not heavy either. it's okay :) it feels.. confident :)

i don't want to remove ardu board from my hexa (will have some filming as soon as weather permits) so for testflight i've attached gaui controller, 750kv turnigy motors, 18a esc's and .. 12"x4.5 props :) hovered nicely. i'm not sure this is optimal setup, but i have to wait till i will be able to do proper test-flying outside (snow + wind at the moment)


- it looks gorgeous, but there is little to no space where to hide escs..
- with stock landing gear you have almost no space under the belly

but i'm pretty sure i know where i will be ordering my octo.. i know it's still a risk, but it's lower now :) for me, at least :) and i will put ardu on it.. :)

ahh, pics:

Thanks for getting a SmallSpy Jaan!

As intended as a beginner's multicopter the SmallSpy has the same frame construction as the larger multicopters making it very tough for it's size. It was made lighter with 1.0mm carbon frame plates instead of 1.5mm plates. The landing gear is not as delicate looking as the larger multicopter gear and has also been increased in thickness to 1.5mm from 1.0 on the old version.

Yeap, there is not a great deal of room to neatly fit the four ESCs on this bird. I keep wondering if making the main frame deeper as I did on the larger multis will help. But then the arms will need spacers. Carbon arms will just push the price up :(

I've read that 11 x 3.8 props will give slightly more thrust than 12 x 4.5 as they spin faster. ;)

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