heavy octo for semi-pro and pro video gear - with arducopter


is there anyone on forum who have built (or bought) copter for carrying heavy-weight (3+kg) video gear and is using arducopter board to control it? Duran DeV is running droidworx AD8HL and i am trying to contact him to find out about his setup, but anyone else?

would anyone be interested in kind of .. "assisting the build", remotely?

what i need is advise on

- frame (so far looking at droidworx skyjib/AD8HLE, or cinestar 8?)

- motors for that frame (AXI?)

- powerboard (or esc?)

- props (size and manufacturer? i've seen more than one prop braking on my friend's MK, it's really f..ng scary when it happens 30m above the sea)

- i would really like to use arducopter instead of MK - small, compact and developing project (and cheaper, too) + strong engineering community

camera we are aiming towards is fs-100, which (with reasonable lens and battery) weights about 2,5kg..
camera gimbal - av200, no 360pan (at least, not yet).
flight time - 10 minutes in the air in reasonably chill weather would be great..

what did i miss?

budget for frame+motors+powerboards/esc+props should stay within .. ideally 3k€, and i'm located in europe (so when ordering something from USA/Asia i will have to add VAT 20% + custom fees, another 5-10%)

did i miss something? fpv gear i have, tx/rx will probably be spektrum dx8, and i can find good specialists in soldering/electronics (not that i would like to spend too much time in that area)

RTF packages on kopterworx (and anywhere else) are always running MK, usually include lots of stuff i don't need and are above my budget..

example calculation (based on kopterworx.com pricing):
frame: 1x cinestar 8 @ 1750€
motors: 9x kw4pro @ 80€
props: 5x 12x4,5 cf @ 79€/pair (no sure size is enough, but for price indication should be good, i suppose)
powerboard: 2x herkules II power board pro @ 499€

total is 3120 (tax deducted)..

it feels somewhat.. scary? to put tiny (reasonably cheap) arducopter in control of gear with flying cost a bit less than 10k€.. maybe what i need is a bit of .. confidence? :)

thanks in advance,
p.s. in my fleet i have gaui330x to carry gopro, custom-built aluminium hexa (now dead due to frame failure) with arducopter, foxtech carbon hexa frame with arducopter, couple of light planes for fpv (hk epp fpv sub-2m wingspan etc), 450sized and micro heli's.. so i am not a complete beginner - but of course very far from being a professional..

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hey gerry,

Q4? googled for this one, but it doesn't match your description :)

i've been now flying quite some time now with apm2, but i'm sure it needs more tuning - great flying when there's no wind and quite some fighting, if wind is more than 6-8m/s..

cs8 + cs gimbal + axi 2816 + 12"apc + 4s8Ah + 30a hk esc's it is so far.

i'm not sure if getting esc's with simonk flashed firmware would make any difference? have anyone tried those?



Look for Q4 Systems


CarbonCore "MegaOcto 2-Axis" Built by ElectriFlite.co.uk


we want to see onboard video :)

I've been considering a similar build, but have been wary of using the APM 2.5 for it. How have things been working out for you so far?



Iam also in a phase of buying DW AD heavy lift from Droidworx directly....let me know if can negotiate a price..

Hi Jaan,

Here's an on board video form the Octo1000 with MegaRadius 3-Axis ;)
Flown with Waypoints across a bay!

And also an Air-to-Air Video of an an Octo1000 with 2-Axis MegaRadius

There's also a new Leg Set Gimbal Adapter for fitting the Zenmuse and PhotoHigher Gimbals to CarbonCore Multicopters!

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