Has anybody tested those new heavy-fuel engines for UAVs (http://www.3w-international.com/1-cylinder-heavy-fuel-engine/)? I just saw the Aerosonde was flown about 10 days ago with a heavy fuel engine. Would you recommend them? Can you comment about their performance? Thanks for your comments.

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Nothing amature would ever use something like this but here is some info worth reading IMO.

back from 2004.

Here is a presentation on heavy fuel engines
Looks like this engine uses a carburettor. If one was going to all the trouble of a heavy fuel engine, electronic fuel injection might be worth considering.

My 2 cents :-)

Yes but to get an injector to spray small enough droplets to produce proper atomization would be extremely hard. Northwest Engineering own the patent to use the same technology as inkjet printer for this purpose.

Carb is still worth doing for small engine since even with carb efficiency you still get at least 15 - 20% more endurance out of the same amount of diesel compare to petrol
Or you can use the HCCI technology.
Thanks Ryan.
Do you know which heavy fuel engine Aerosonde are using?
I presume from your remarks that it is normally aspirated.
No, I do not know.
In the article I read, they wrote:
"The larger HFE delivers a significant increase in electrical power, generating higher horsepower and enabling the Aerosonde Mark 4.7 aircraft to carry additional payloads with greater electrical demands. Increased horsepower also contributes to improvements in aircraft performance including climb rate, dash speed, mission endurance and altitude performance." That is what caught my attention... but they do not specify which HFE they used.
Thanks for the links :)
Aerosonde build their own engine from scratch!

Why are they using heavy fuels?

I have read than it is because STANAG 4671 but i can not find any reference than fuel to use:


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