Looking for spec and what hardware is needed for a helicopter to fly for 40 min or more using a mission planner (agriculture) . Weight ? motor ?  electric vs gas (vibration). Component brands (blades , etc ) that i should be looking at to build a efficient heli that is able to carry multispectrum camera for heavy use .  Really having problem with the camera boom / gimbals . Not a very popular thing any more . Looked a bergen heli as starting point (not sure if this the correct route ) . Front Mount Tube System (FMTS) or not ? Looking at Pixhawk 2.1 . Thanks .

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Have you looked at Airstars camera platform?


I have a Mongoose with 1000 mm main rotor blades, smooth camera but I'm still working on grafting an APM2.6 into it.. Not sure if anyone else has tempted this with a gasser..



Yes . But they don't give the weight . I'm also looking at ATI AgHeli | OREGON   . The question i have if i went the electric route is the placement of battery , flight controller , etc . I would have to go to someone like CJ Youngblood .

Talk to Airstar.. I think the Mongoose is good for 7kg lift, you can upspec the engine, running gear.

40 minutes flight times getting up there.  


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