I was wondering if anyone has used a 450 size helicopter as a UAV platform. I was thinking of getting a RTF helicopter and taking off the receiver and gyro and putting in an Arduino nano with a separate gyro instead. Has anyone done something like this?
Sam R.

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Hey Sam,

Many have tried but few have succeeded. You should check out the arduCopter project links http://www.diydrones.com/profiles/blogs/announcing-arducopter-the

The team is currently working on making quadCopters work and then this will become the base for the "traditional helis" project which will be built using a Trex450.

Some advice if you're going to start on such a project:
1. learn to fly the helicopter yourself! I can tell you it's much easier to learn to fly than to build something that can fly itself and you'll learn a lot about what needs to be done, how your transmitter works etc.

2. buy/borrow as much as possible from others. I.e. check out DCM for attitude estimation. Also check out the ArduPilotMega from sparkfun and accompanying oilpan from this site. Making a helicopter UAV is far more difficult than it first appears.

3. measure and resolve vibration issues as soon as possible. This is the final hurdle that most people *never* get around. When you have your helicopter built attach a simple gyroscope and accelerometer - check out how much the sensors jump around when you fire up the motor. You should quickly see that the sensor values jump around quite a lot which is not a good thing. If you don't have vibration problems then you're in much better shape.

Good luck and keep us updated on your progress!

Hey Sam,

check out this link http://groups.google.com/group/uavheliboard?pli=1. The UAVDevboard group is currently flying Trex450's with the UAVDevBoard. It's not an Arduino system but it is pretty easy to get up and running.
Thanks so much! I didn't even really think about the vibration issues on the sensors. I've already built a plane so I wanted to go into the helicopter area. I've learned how helicopters work, and have been able to fly a few here and there. I'm just a little lost on what base I should use. Should I buy a helicopter barebones kit, then everything that I would need to fly it, or a RTF helicopter and take everything off that I don't need?
Thanks so much!
hi, plese take a look at my last post regarding your question! Let's kep updating! bye
This is amazing!!!!! It is exactly what I want to do!!! Thanks so much, and I give you good luck ion the future with the heli.
P.S. And yes, I will keep updating :)

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