ok, I just did all the process 10 time, still unable to setup radio on ardupilot mega, same with serial monitor radio on , input and output working but software is no able to setup radio ????/

any idea

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Follow the Troubleshooting Guide. If you still can't get it to work, email customer service store you bought it from to get a return/replacement.


And please select the correct category for your discussion posts. This is not Aerial Photography.

sorry If I bother you placing my request at the wrong place, but why you say "this is not Aerial Photography"?
When you post a discussion topic, you should select the right category from the drop-down menu. If you don't select anything, you get the first topic in the list, which is "aerial photography", as you can see above. In this case you should have selected something more appropriate, such as "ArduPilot Mega: Tech Support"
My bad, thank for the information I appreciate it.

Moved to correct forum :)





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