So, a few weeks ago, I had my quad flying beautifully, all up until I pushed the limits on the battery which ended up in an all motors off fall from the sky from about 200 ft.  Needless to say the damage required an all new frame and motors and such, but I spared some of the electronics.  I loved the setup I had, so I got the exact same everything. I got it all together and put the same APM 2.5 in it and wired it all back up. The problem Im having is that the yaw correction is in the wrong direction causing it to increase its yaw into a spiral. It was fine on the other quad and all connections are identical to the old one with the same firmware (it was an older firmware, but it worked great for me).  So, I go into MP and reverse RC4_Rev. Doing this reversed the outputs from my controller, but still did not correct the yaw correction in stabilize, so it continues to yaw itself into a high speed 360 merry go round. I updated the firmware to 2.9.1b, hoping that would fix it, but no.  I have looked on here for some discussions that have already been posted and I have found quite a few. However, they all talk of changing the code base to fix it. Now, Im not a programmer and I have about 0.01 knowledge in code. Is there a way to fix this problem without coding or does that seem to be the only way to go about fixing it? I also noticed that reversing ANY of the servos did not change its correction outputs.  Please help

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So, I finally figured out why I had the indefinite yaw. For anyone else that may have this problem, it was simply the motors were not spinning in the correct direction. For some reason, even after marking my old arms as left front, right front, left rear and right rear, I managed to get it wrong somehow on the reassembly. If you are having this problem, even if your quad is lifting, pitching  and rolling as it should, but the yaw is not correcting, check that you have the motors spinning in the correct direction. Alot of posts I have seen involved rewriting the code to fix it, however this was not the case. Simply shift all of your props clockwise or counterclockwise to the next motor, reverse the direction of your motors by switching two of the three motor wires and it should work just fine.

Hi Jamie,  I just finished my first quad build and was calibrating and testing it in my garage - I am having a problem where it just yaws constantly - I can fiddle with the yaw control a bit and it will spin in the opposite direction - but that's all.

Do you think I've got the same problem as you had?

This is a video of the behaviour:

Thanks :)

That's exactly what mine did. Look at the diagram below, and make SURE the props are spinning in the right direction and that the props are attached to the correct channel on the APM Board. I'm almost certain that this is your problem. Remember, if you change the rotation of the motors, you need to move the Pusher Props and the Regular Props to their neighboring motor. You'll know if you got it right when you spin up the motors and all four motors are pushing air downward, not upward.

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