hi folks,

finishing my plane, and did some testing.

I am facing one issue regarding throttle.

In manual mode everything is fine, when i switch to stabilize mode, no more throttle, same for rtl.

am i missing something? first time it does that to me.

thxx for your help and your time.

best regards

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  • re- In manual mode everything is fine, when i switch to stabilize mode, no more throttle, same for rtl.

    Are you talking about in flight or on the bench? That is normal on the bench as if apm detects it's not moving aka on the ground as a safety feature it will not throttle up. I had this problem trying to set my cruise throttle percentage with a nitro engine. I ended up driving around the block with it in stabilize mode just so I could see were 45% cruise throttle was. 

    • yep that s what i was sayin, i ll try maybe tomorrow see how it goes.

      thxx a lot for your time!

  • here is what i do:

    power the plane, switch in manual flight mode , throttle works.

    lets say i move the thro stick to 50% then switch to stabilized mode, after two sec, throttle is cut, and if i switch back to manual mode, can t get the throttle to work, unless i unplug and replug the lipo

    any ideas? drives me mad

    • Developer

      I'd check this http://plane.ardupilot.com/wiki/arming-your-plane/

      Also if you post a log it's much easier to help debug these types of issues.

      • hi,

        so i ve did a new test, and (from your link) i ve seen that i could disable arming_require, wich i did.

        i can fly in manual mode still, but when i switch to any assisted mode, throttle gets cut.

        here is the log, thx for your time, tell me if you need anything else, if you use skype , you can reach me with the id no-comp

        thx a lot for your time

        best regards

        2015-11-24 08-46-56.log

        2015-11-24 08-43-43.tlog

        • strange, my APM planner crashed on that log right after "unknown data value found: Q"   -what device is it from /how did you produce that .log ? (maybe converted a .bin) ?

          • hi andré,

            i ve cleaned all the logs, and regenerated a new one, here we go.

            thank you for your time

            best regards

            2015-11-25 08-45-28 1.bin

            2015-11-25 08-45-28 1.bin.log

            • the attached log contains only minimum throttle, in and out, nothing special.

              if you could record this:,  takeoff in manual, switch to stabilize, then manual and land.

              (just a short reproduction of the problem)

              alternatively, do it without actual flight , just arm in manual , add 15% throttle, switch to stabilize.

              The issue you report does not make much sense, because Stabilize is not an autothrottle mode only limited by THR_MIN and THR_MAX,   if you have seen that in FBWB, AUTO, CRUISE, etc it could be caused by error in aurspeed, altitude , etc..

              Your THR_MIN is 50 , try to lower it to 0  first, otherwise it won't output less than MIN(50) annd more than MAX(75) in stabilize.

              • hi andré,

                thx a lot for your time.

                on another forum i got a response saying that if cruise mode is not working it s simply because the plane is not moving because i am doing static test.

                if i was flying, so moving, it would work.

                can you confirm?

                thx again for your time

                best regards

                • I am not that familiar with the cruise mode logic , what you pointed out . that stabilize stops throttle, is best for troubleshooting as stabilize is the most basic mode that can influence throttle output  - so check THR_MIN like I suggested first.

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