I have a little trouble with my bird hexa.
He takes off properly, for 2 mins is very stable. then it drift to the left so Icompensate, but it goes very slowly and I continue to be compensated. I get to the bottom end of travel of the stick. of course if I release the stick at its center, there is a strong push on the left and turns like a pancake.

If you have an idea I'm interested, I am V2.2 but it did also in V2.1

Thank you in advance for your help

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Here, it's done;-)

tnx great

Just tried again today with 4 new rctimer props. I balanced them verry well. Still same issues. I now ordered the apc slow fly 10x4.7 hopely after balancing them it solves the issue. For now my quad is not flyable.

I had the same issue on 2.1 and now 2.2 with the APM2. I added the define to my APM_config.h to activate this and have not had any drift issues. This is off by defalt and when activate drift seems to go away, not shure why still looking into that but it helps. I thought it was vib. as the new APM2 is a little more prone to vib. but could never stop the drift till this change.


#define WIND_COMP_STAB 1



tnx I will try your solution. I just put that line in APM_config.h?


Did you enable this through the Misson Planner? I am having drift issues in Stabilize mode as well (think it may be vibes on the APM 2.0) and want to try different fixes out.



I enabled this in Arduino and uploaded. I still use Arduino for most of my updates (old habbits) Should use MP more!!!



Can you explain a little bit more how you did this? I can't find  WIND_COMB_STAB 1 in the code.  What does this actually do?



Did anyone get this issue solved?

No, no soluce at this day. I'll try to flash ppm firmware

I change my Turnigy Receiver, flash the ppm firmware of APM1 with the last and upgrade to 2.3 of arducopter. After I test it but I've the same problem. With the first accu is not very important, but with the second, I stop the test before a crash ....
I send a mail to 3Drobotic, perhaps it's a know problem with pwm ship?


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