Hi guys,

I really enjoy hiking, but I do not when my little copter is hiding somewhere out there... in pieces. After many successful flights today I ended up picking up smashed parts again.

Now I need your help. It would be great if someone (with more abilities as me) could have a look at the log (problems start at around 78%, I think) and the youtube video. My theory is that one prop breaks, then only one side of the prop is intact (which explains this massive shaking) any more and also bursts off after some seconds. It's nice to see that redundancy is working in that short time span. But after the whole prop is lost, it falls like a stone.

My copter is a standard jdrones Hexa with 850Kv motors running 2.0.49 with default PIDs. I was using brand new 10x45 composite props. Weight is about 1.8kg.

If the problem really was a breaking prop, this is the second time that I encountered a crash because of that reason. My copter is now a pile of garbage again (the third time!). Because it fell upside down from that tree, upper carrier plate broke into pieces and scratched some $electronic_components_i_have_no_idea_of from the Olipan shield. I can't even connect to it. :-(


Any help in investigating this horrible crash is highly appreciated!





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I'm sorry for you, Volker. Hope that damage isn't that huge?


t's all about experience. Accidents like this tend to happen only once. But the problem is that getting that experience can be very costly. ;-)

IMHO the arms provided by official ArduCopter kit are a bit too fragile. After dismantling the whole copter I saw that the arms have some dents and bending from some other light crashes before and from tightening screws too strong. I don't blame Jani and developers for that, it's obvious that those injuries are caused by misusage by me. :)

Ordered some meters of 15x15x2mm aluminium spare tubes for a good price, I hope arms will not be too heavy with that thickness.

Me too :) We should have more and better options for props. I've spent $100s in replacement parts costs because of props breaking and now seeing their rpm limit, I see they are minimal for what we should be using.

I also had one of these first frame models and they are definitely too weak. Even if you don't crash, they eventually either crash because of a weakening plastic screw that is not noticed in time or start to fall apart from hard landings. The 3DR frame is much stronger although at the expensive of some extra weight. Still if you are lifting cameras or other expensive equipment, it's worth the few minutes in lost flight time.

Hello Johannes,

I saw the images / video you posted, wow that looked like it had the motor ripped from the arm, as a thought if mounting directly to the arm and not the plastic mount it might be an idea to trim down one of the x motor mounts supplied and insert inside the arm to add some strength to the wall, I know the wall of the arms in the kit are very thin and they can bend easy if doing some hard landings (crashes I believe some people call them) however I like the fact that the bend and take some shock and loading away from the electronics carried on board. F11 is right about the 3DR frames, they are very tough when compared along side the ArduCopter, the arms are about twice the size in both wall thickness and diameter. I don’t recall the total weight for both, but I believe the ArduCopter is a good 100 / 200 grams lighter than the 3DR.

It’s always going to be hard to balance flight time to strength for survival in the event of a rough landing, I hope that when you get under way next time we don’t have the same ending.

If you need any help please let me know.




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