Re-building after a crash, I realized my 3dR GPS LEA6 V1.1 is

short-cutting power on my APM 2.0 board.

I am no electronics wiz, but

when GPS is disconnected - APM powers up OK

when GPS is connected -     APM is "dead"

so I can assume GPS is the reason.

Same story when powering from USB or the LiPo.

This is the heart of my Octo - What do I do now?

Do 3DR still stock carry this GPS model? - I couldn't find it

Help needed.



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Check GPS connector for bent pins. Shorting the power when cable is installed?

Mark - You are a Genius!

It took peeking into the connector with a magnifying glass to

see that the 1st pin from the right got bent towards its neighbor pin.

OK - Now what? this is really tiny stuff and it seems the connector is a goner.

Anyone know the (molex?) part # - maybe a new connector can be soldered in place?



Carefully straiten the pin with OO tweeters, You get one bend or replace connector.

tried the tweezers thing, but I am getting

too blind at my advanced age - will have to

replace the darn connector.

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