In the last 3 weeks my Skywalker flew about 600km's splitted in 40 different missions.  In the last mission when the plane finished the last waypoint and entered in RTL, the plane did a very tight turn with nose down until crash on ground.

Initially I suspected from a malfunction servo, but after inspection  all servos are ok.

My log does not help much because is configured to log almost GPS data and not much more.

I have the tlog that shows the final moment of crash.

Someone can diagnose what happened?

Crash vídeo: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=isUAK1qjjk8&feature=youtu.be

Thanks in advance.

Skywalker 1900

APM 2.5

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Sorry about your crash. Unfortunately the log is not of much use as it only contains GPS data. I'm assuming it wasn't a pixhawk, hence the limitation. From the video, I my gut feel is something went wrong with the plane structurally - rubber band snapped, wing spar insert came loose, etc. What is the condition of the wings?

Hi Hein,

My guess is a structural fault too, but I don't see any evidence of that. I can post some pictures of the crashed airframe, but seems that all broken parts was due the ground impact.

The tlog shows a lot of data when you load the log on Mission Planner playback tool (on Status Tab), but I did not found any strange values, perhaps someone with a more accurate eye could found something wrong moments before the crash.

The right aileron was found like that, ripped out of the wing. Don't know if that occurred in flight... 

I don't see any tape on the right aileron, only on the left, so I am guessing that the left already ripped out and was fixed with tape but the right was never taped... never trust the EPO as a hinge, I always cut it away and use tape as a hinge on those EPO wings.

The problem was solved today, with a new and final crash... This time the plane was flying ok until I changed the flight mode to "manual" (something that I did not experimented in the last 30 or 40 flights), the plane entered in a sharp nose dive and left wing down followed by a fatal spin that I did not recover with manual input. I'm very experienced with all type of RC aircrafts, so believe that was very hard to someone recover of this situation.

Conclusion: Bad CG ! Completely wrong.

All auto missions of the last flights was just luck (flew more than 600km's...).Flying always in AUTO and FBWA is something very stupid, because sometimes the aircraft faults are under the autopilot camouflage...  

It's amazing how the arduplane manages the flight in a plane completely wrong.



Congratulations! Knowing what caused a crash turns a loss into a lesson!

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