Help! ESC config or Motor slider issue

Hi all!

I am a beginner, building my first quadcopter and I am looking for help to resolve an issue that I am really struggling to resolve.
The drone is assembled, but I am unable to spin up the motors (both using the transmitter and in the motors tab in Betaflight) nor to read and flash the ECS set up using BLHeli 32. In this case, no ECS is found and the following window appears:


Before that, I have selected the Interface “M BLHeli32 Bootloader (Betaflight/Cleanflight)”, connected it to the FC with success and added the power supply (battery) with the corresponding ECS bipping. Here more details of the quadcopter:

ECS: Chaos 30A BLHeli_32 ESC

FC: Kakute F7 AIO (v1.5 / MPU6000)

BLHeli_32 Suite version: 32719

I have tried it also via BLHeli Configurator version: win64_1.2.0 and Android app “BLHeli 32” but the result is the same one.

Before using BLHeli, I have configured the quadcopter using Betaflight (10.7.0), binded the RX and TX. And as said above, when I give throttle using the controller, none of the motors would spin, but the signals are received.
I have tried also to use different ESC protocols but with the same result. Here below other screenshots (sorry they are partially in Italian :



from other checks I am doing (from similar posts, videos, etc):

1) to settle the throttle between FC and ESC doing: battery disconnected, on BetaFlight motors tab, I armed the motor and raised to high the master level (all 4 motors to 2000) then pluged in the battery and after the startup beeps, I drop throttle in motors tab to 0. Nothing happen, no confirmation beeps.
2) The AUX2 of my TX Flysky FS-i6x is "linked" with the Throttle and not with its corresponding switch (screenshot below):

TX tab with 0% throttle and AUX2 at 1251:
8500300487?profile=RESIZE_710xTX tab with 100% throttle, see the AUX2 reached 1747.. (and FYI also the arm switch ON = AUX4):
For info, I attach also the Status from CLI.
Withou TX:

With TX and armed switch ON:
Thank you in advance for any advice/help and I stay available to share other information.
have a nice evening,

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  • The problem description is quite confusing. Check if the ports and protocols for ESC are configured correctly in the "Configuration" section in Betaflight. Ensure that the protocol for your receiver (RX) is set up correctly in the "Ports" section. In general, it has been suggested to use Google, and if you phrase your query correctly, you should be able to find the answer.
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