I am a film producer and was just recently introduced to the idea of using a helicopter drone for film.  The more I have researched the more fascinated I have become with the idea. That being said I am in desperate need of your help.  I am so new to this that most everything in the forums just goes right over my head.  I don't have the foggiest what most of it means.

I am looking to find a helicopter drone that is capable of carrying something as large as a dslr.  I think it would need a gyro gimbal (I think that is what it is called) to help keep it level and smooth.  Also, the ability to see the video from the helicopter so that you have an idea of what you are capturing.  Thats about it.  I don't need a million bells and whistles because I wouldn't know what to do with them.

Any suggestions? I don't even know where to begin. It appears you can build them yourself for much cheaper but then as I said I don't know anything about them and it seems complicated.  Any recommendations for the cheapest helicopter out there that still has good enough quality and matches what I am looking for?  I would love something in the thousand dollar range but I don't know if that is totally unrealistic?

Any help from all of you experienced pros would be greatly appreciated.



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3DR is DIY you will need to put it together, work out all the bugs & program it your self. That is the main deference. Most people including my self start out this way then upgrade to APM later. so you cost would be for APM & sensors down the road. You can add wireless video to any air craft all you need is video TxRx & camera.

Do you sell the TxRx on your website?  I have looked but haven't found it yet?


  Unless youre planning to hire an expert pilot to fly your multicopter for you Id strongly recommend building a simple and inexpensive quad with a basic flight controller to learn the basics of multicopters before jumping into something expensive. No flight controller is completely foolproof and there will be times when you will have to take control to avoid an accident and building your own will teach you what you need to know when something breaks and you need to fix it. You can buy an ARF quad for less than $150 USD to learn and crash with. 

Trainer software is better & cheaper only cost $4 lot less hasel


Where can I find training software?

it is free if you get TxRx with your order


I have been flying RC Airplanes for a long time,  I recently just started with helicopters about a year ago.  I will say that its going to take alot of time.  I would spend as much time on the simulator as you can.  It is not very easy and it cost alot of money.  I just made my first FPV flight yesterday with my quad and I was shaking by the time my 30 second flight was over.  Def, spend the money on the simulation and use it alot.  Good luck and I hope you get it.  It is a awesome new world.

What is the best training software to use to learn a quadcopter? I found one called RC helicopter simulator.  Is that a good one to use or are there better programs out there?  I use a mac. Is it still helpful to practice flying a simulator even if it is using the computer keyboard or are there programs that you can use the actual controller?

you controle the couter sim with Tx conected to USB 

Definitely use a sim with a RC type controller. Sims range in cost from free to a couple hundred dollars and are very good for learning the basics of you eye hand coordination and getting used to the tricky orientations of flying RC, but, even the best simulator is a completely different experience from flying an actual plane or multi and theres still going to be a steep learning curve when you actually get your bird in the air. 

Thank you everyone for all your help. I really appreciate it since I really know  nothing about this. So does anyone have a recommendation as to what sim is the best training experience for a reasonable price? I use a mac but I can do windows if I have to.

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