I'm brand new to RC and drone and just built my 1st drone, a 3D Robotic QuadCopter.  VERY COOL!  Unfortunately it crashed.  I noticed that one of the motors would stop suddenly and the arm would dip, then recover.  Did this about ten times over the three flights.  Finally did it while in loiter mode while close to the ground, crashed and broke the prop :(.  

It was hard for me to tell orientation, so I could not tell what motor was stopping.  I'm hoping one of you experts out there can look at the log file and share your expertise.  To me it looks like both roll and pitch went high which I think means the right rear motor dipped (running in X mode).

So, my two questions are:

  1. Which motor is stalling?
  2. What can be causing this?
  3. What troubleshooting steps can I take to confirm failure mode.




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From your log I cannot tell which motor had an issue. You will need to turn on the 'motors' option throught the CLI, command line interface.

Look over THIS somewhat lengthy dicussion for the details and more insight into your machine.

HERE is the motor/orientation information you mentioned.

At least you have the correct code loaded for your quad and orientation...


That is half the battle when it comes to maiden flights.


Thanks for the advice to turn on the motor log.  I'll do that for sure.  

In the mean time, I was thinking that the pitch and roll data could be used to infer which motor is cutting out.  It looks to me like both the pitch value and roll value go high without a change to the pitch and roll inputs when the dipping occurs.  I moved the copter by hand while watching the pitch and roll data stream and the pitch values go up when the nose goes up and down when the nose drops.  I also rolled the copter and the values go up when the right side drops and the values go down when the left side drops.  Based on this I was suspecting the right rear motor was the one stalling.

Is this a valid way of interpreting the data or are my assumptions bad?

Also, I don't think there is a gross problem with the setup.  It flies well most of the time.  Just has this intermittent problem.


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