i want to make a traditional helicopter with apm

the code once it's downloaded to apm the elevator start to work in opposed direction from the joystick when i push the stick up the elevator goes down

and i need the apm API so i can write my own code

how to read from input and write to the output this things will help me 


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Find your RC TX manual and reverse that channel.

You could reverse the servo direction in APM, but if APM failsafe is engaged, then your RC TX will still be wrong.

API? All code is available, see "downloads" at http://code.google.com/p/arducopter/downloads/list

Does it really matter if the servo is reversed in the radio?  If I understand what he's saying, and make a few assumptions, he is building a heli with CCPM control mixing.  With APM, the mixing is done by APM, the radio is set to airplane mode.  Failsafe or not, if the APM stops working for any reason, it's coming down no matter what you do because there is no longer the necessary control mixing.  At least, that's how I understand it.


I flipped my channels in the using Mission Planner.


I think you are right, it does not really matter, if the TX cannot fly the aircraft w/o mixing. I still like the idea of reversing it on the TX. I do this with my futaba, because as you know, the throttle is "backwards". I just like to keep things simple, and part of how I think about this is to "remove the AP" from the setup. In the case of elevators, or throttle, for example keeping track of reversing in Mission Planner seems less ideal. I have to remember, each time I flash a new version of firmware, to change the PIDs, and hardware setup, and variables .... AND I must also remember to reverse certain channels on the TX.... or I can just save a new linkage/model on my TX once....


But I think you are right, in the case of a helo (rather than a plane) it does not really matter, in the end, is is more a personal preference...

Ah, so it is backwards in the Futaba?  I was just programming my heli last night, using a 9CAP, and I was wondering why the throttle/collective channel needed to be reversed in Arducopter.  I wonder why Futaba did that?

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