Hello Diydrones!

I'm a little confused with some components I need to buy and use! I'm a little new to APM so please bear with me...

So far I have on order:

Basic Breakout Arduino Multiwii Bootloader

Arduino JY-MCU Bluetooth Wireless Serial Port Module

Single TTL 3DRobotics 3DR Radio Telemetry Kit 433Mhz for APM APM2 APM2.5

I know I have to change the baud rate on the bluetooth module, is the FTDI breakout board correct to do this?

My second question is my telementry for the ground has a USB port so I need to find the pin out to solder on the connections to the bluetooth module does anyone have the values I need to find?

I would like to use both my Samsung galaxy S4 and Kindle Fire HD (not at the same time though)

Thanks for any help you can provide! So far enjoying APM!


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Anyone got a few little tips please? Or a link to help my quest?

Here a blog I have posted explaining how to do a bluetooth bridge:


Hello Hugues!

Thanks for the reply! I have read your blog a few times and it's been very informative!

As I have a usb plug on the end I need to find the pin values but I don't know what they should be!

I was thinking of rather than hacking my module up, I would buy a usb port extention and chop the end of and still use the usb if I need too!

I'll keep digging the internet I'm sure there is a solution somewhere!
This is my module! Looks nothing like 3DR's I don't think!

USB has 4 pins that I need fairly easy to solder too but I don't know what pins are what and I can't find the schematics!

Disable FTDI part, use only HM-TRP module.

Like here:


Thanks! That was very helpful making progress now!
I am in the same position as you with the same components and trying to achieve the same thing. Have you had any success in getting it working? Any help you could give me would be greatly appreciated. Thank you.
It's still a work in process I keep hitting little walls! So far all I have really managed to do is change the Baud rate higher that my Arduino can read (15800)

No idea how to revert it via the Arduino!

Currently I just brought a 'On the go' cable (OTG cable is around £4 on ebay) that i plug into my Samsung Galaxy S4 and I just plug the USB module into that!

I havent had my quad up for a while time/weather etc...

Sorry I can't be much of a help!
Hi marcin,
Schenoni using a ground module, is it necessary to cut the wires going to the ftdi chip, or can be soldered in parallel , tx and Rx ?

remove FTDI

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