Ok, needs some hardware folks to tell me how to fix my Oilpan.  Either I've been using the USB plug too much or, due to my recent rough flying, the USB plug on my Oilpan has come off.

I'm totally inept at surface mount soldering, so the questions I have are, and would appreciate any tips.

Questions I have are:

1- Should just sit the plug back on the traces, and solder the four corners only, without soldering 5 little pins?

2- How the heck am I going to solder the pins, if I have to?  There's plastic on the connector.

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I tore mine off, and did manage to solder it back on. I ground a solder tip to a needle point.  I put the plug in position, the little studs really help.  Then I soldered the corner tabs on first. I added just a bit of solder to these.  Then, I simply touched each of the 5 circuit pins, and they reflowed.

It actually wasn't that bad.  And yes, it works.

Arrgh!  I managed to solder it back on, but now getting intermittent connection errors.  Probably some of the leads are not fully touching the solder pads.  Need to retouch all the solder joints, while pressing hard on the connector. Wish I had come kind of clamp, but I think a wooden clothes pin will do.

OK, back in business.  It's back on and seems all contacts are solid.  Hopefully will stay so.

Wonder how many other people have experienced this.  Seems to me than not a lot of force is required for that USB connector to come off, in the first place.

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