Hi. Does anyone know some frame options that could carry up to 50 lbs of payload? I have my motors, props, battery, ESC, and controls all set, but I can't seem to find a good frame. All the frames I've found are ~2lbs and can lift maybe 10 lbs at best. Thank you very much for your time and in helping me.

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i think you might be on your own on that kind weight, the type of frame you have to build yourself out of aluminium or carbon kevlar or something like that

50lbs eh.

I hope your hardware is up to the task to lift 50lbs. U8 motors, 24" props minimum, 12S Lipo's etc

You might find more luck "and thrill" by designing and building your own frame besides there are no multirotor frames that I know of that can live up to your specifications.

Some come close like the Kraken K150 by Foxtech, the way these guys keep making bigger and bigger Octocopters I imagine eventually they will make at 50lb craft.

Make it yourself, consider making a Giant Quad Frame. 30mm CF tubes .. 8 huge motors .. 28" propellers.

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