I just received my new arducopter from Udrones. All went well with setup and test hover. I was thinking Yay this is going to be a great weekend. It took almost a month to get it and I was quite anxious. It hovered great in simple mode. took it back into the house and hooked it up to the computer and did a firmware upgrade, which went well. Did a reset, erase, reset in cli.  When I went to connect to configure it would load some of the parameters and freeze at various points and then time out. In cli it would get to init gyro then freeze. Tried reloading firmware many times, which went well with no problems. But I still had same results. I was thinking it was a firmware problem, so I took a quick course in arduino and learned how to load an earlier version. I loaded version 2.6 and It looked like that was my answer, gps and every thing was working and had no problem connecting. Went to calibrate radio again and there was no green bars, motor esc's were beeping and motors were jerking, but can not calibrate radio. When I try all i get at end is 3000 I 0 on all channels. in cli when I try radio calibrate it just freeze's up. I also hooked up a servo to the reciever and it works ok. I am going nut's trying to figure out a solution.I emailed Udrones asking for help, but so far no response. I have been searching the forum, but nothing has worked so far. Any help would be appreciated. I am out of ideas.

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I am also new to APM (i got Rev. 2.0) and i had some struggles too. I had inconsistent problems with arming, osd, no RX in Gui etc. On my old and slow centrino xp laptop the missionplanner sometimes doesn't start or does not show the transmitter/calibration - like you described. I can resolve this with a (long, cup of coffee) reboot of the laptop. Perhaps it's something of that java-stuff? I don't know. Perhaps it's a PC related issue -  just wanted to mention it in any case.  BTW have you checked the powersupply of your apm, because i experiencing weired things as well (funcion/no function) wich i solved with an external BES with 5,4V.

So long, and good luck!


Hi Crashpilot, I thought It might be computer related too. I ended up installing MissionPlanner on 3 computers both 32 and 64 bit win7 I had the same problem on all of them. could load the firmware ok but not connect would load some of the parameters and freeze then timeout. in cli it would freeze at init gyro. With versions other than 2.7 it would load and connect but no radio calibration. And in cli it would freeze when I click on setup radio. I Removed the board from the copter with nothing attached but the usb and still have firmware issue. also tried different usb cables. I have been in contact with Oscar at Udrones and he has been helpful, but so far no luck on getting this thing in the air. I'm thinking there may be something wrong in the memory.

I got an Rma # and sent it in. They have had it for over a week. I have no Idea when I will see a new board It is hard to get a reply from emails. The board is obviously defective, When you can connect with  some firmware versions but not others there is a problem, especially when everything is disconnected except a usb cable. I understand they are probably busy, but I would think that there would be more customer support. When I had a bad cd burner from hp I called them up explained my problem and they sent me a new burner and a box to return the old one. When I send in a defective apm2.5 I don't know when I will get a working board. I ordered this back in July and still have not been able to enjoy it except for 2 minutes in simple mode, then it craps out after a firmware update. Right now my board is probably setting on a shelf some where, as it has been for the last week or so. Hopefully I can fly this thing before the snow flies.

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