I have been able to sort most issues with the help of some members thnx for that. I am now at the point to test my flightplan /setup with x
plane. I have 2560 board and oil pan with GPS. I have done setup through cli, and have uploaded waypoints to the board using AM Planner. Next step is to connect to Xplane, I have loaded HIL and made the suggested changes in Xplane, however when trying to connect i get - no sim data - 20. ....Any idea what i missed?

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Hi All!


I have the same problem, but a little bit different! 

I can do a simulation without problems, in MANUAL, STABILIZE, AUTO, with waypoints and so on...   but.. not always.


I mean.. in the morning, for example, everything works perfect. After lunch, (when I switch off my pc and then turn on) nothing works and I have the same message: "NO SIM DATA" in ArdupilotSim.


It's funny, I know, but for me it's a problem because every setting is ok in X plane and I don't know where can be the problem.

(In APM the waypoints remain in EEPROM...) 


Thank you in advance for your help! 



I have since gotten to the same point and yes experiencing the exact same thing, it would work perfectly and then next time no sim data, i have found that going into explane and changeing ip to another range and then in ardupilot sim, works sometimes, sometimes going back to works. After reloadinf firmware and updates etc etc it does not solve the problem.....also sometimes my plane follows watpoints pefectly and then simply starts ignoring, waypoints stay in APM as well..

The same identical problem. But I cannot find a solution, because sometimes works perfect (and there are no problems) and sometimes not.


Let's hope to find a "revelation"   :)



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