Help on Formatting and Receiving MavLink Packets with an Arduino and sending them to an APM/Pixhawk

Hello all,

I am working on my 10th grade science fair project which is a "Semi-Autonomous Payload Retrieval System." The basic idea is to have a multirotor receive GPS data from a transmitter in the payload and fly to its location. The transmitter that is in the payload transmits using a 915mhz Xbee that is paired to another Xbee on an Arduino shield mounted on the multirotor. The Arduino receiver will take the GPS data from the payload and put it in a MAVLink way-point packet and give it to the autopilot. I would like to be able to run the Arduino receiver in tandem with the 3DR telemetry radio so that i can keep tabs on the multirotor while it is flying a mission (I use the 915mhz telemetry radio, i know there could be some interference, if that turns out to be a problem i will get a HAM license and switch to 433mhz.) The problem that I am running into is that there  is very little documentation on the format of MAVLink packets and how to send/receive them. I have scene a few projects that do this but they haven't had any code that shows the process of formatting or sending/receiving the packets. I have also found this tutorial but the link to the code library that supposedly fixes a compiling issue is a dead link.

If anyone knows how to make the linked tutorial work, have knowledge in MAVLink coding, or can point me in the right direction, a comment would be appreciated. Thanks.


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Use MAVlink library from Ardupilot repository, IMHO it's self-explaining

If you'll have inferences - you can also use 868MHz "homemade" version of 3DR Radio.

Thanks for the reply, unfortunately, I am new to C and programming in general and don't find the Ardupilot repository self explanatory. If anyone can provide a tutorial that goes into more detail it would be greatly appreciated.

Hello Chris, I'm trying to do the same thing that you did and i  wonder if you can give me some help.

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