HELP - Rangefinder with APM 2.8 running 3.4 for autoland

Hi, I'm just starting with  ARDUPLANE - I have managed to get my HK Sky Eye working well with Pan/Tilt FPV and APM 2.8 running 3.4.

I now want to add an auto land to RTL instead of it just circling around once back. I have basic ultra sonic  range finder but discovered the parameters are all missing and the rangefinder feature isn't  there I gather due to memory limits ?

How do I make autoland work ? The barometric doesn't seem accurate enough from what I've seen through the Minim OSD so far. Is there a way to get the parameters / feature back in ?

I'd also be please to get any simple list of this to set when setting RTL for land on return and the parameter vaule suggestions.

Many thanks


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