Help Remzibi 3DR version problem : tech support

Sadly when connecting the Video IN connector it went on the wrong pins and killed the camera's composite video out and the video input on the board.

The board still outputs video with characters, powers ok, etc, it is just video in that is not working.

Tried to find the schematics of the Remzibi 3DR board or the original Remzibi board but couldn't.

Anyone here or in the DIY Drones team that redesigned the board can tell where to check/replace the damaged component?

Really appreciate some help here...

Cheers Jorge

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You might try here: and so a search for the Remzibi OSD on RC Groups.





I did, Happy Killmore's pages on setting up the OSD do not include any schematics and I have searched through the official google page and in the RC groups threads listed there. No schematics anywhere.

Someone at 3DR must have them, they redesigned the original board.

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