Help settting up power management with ArduPilotOne?

Hi everyone I'm having a problem with setting up power mangement with ArdupilotOne (ardurover):


I was looking at the ardupilot mega wiki on how to configure the voltage sensor for high voltage setups:


and they said to change some configuration settings (voltage divider ratio etc) in the source files. I can find these settings in ardupilot mega source so that I can change it but not in the ardupilotone source (ardurover) which is what i'm using. Is battery monitoring not supported in ardupilotone or am I not looking hard enough because I looked through the source and just cant find it.


Is there anyway I can setup power management (battery monitoring) with ardupilotone?







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Isn't it just soldering a new resistor in?  If I understand it properly (and I probably don't :-P ) your voltage divider should always output 5V if the batteries are charged.  If not, the divider outputs less than 5V and if it crosses a threshold you declare the battery dead.  Why change the settings?


i dont think you fully understand my question, i need to find the voltage sensor settings in th ArdupilotOne code so that i can enable battery monitoring and set low voltage, volt_div ratio settings etc as indicated by the wiki here:

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