i wired it up and there is no picture coming out.

i have wired it with white (video out) to yellow (video in)  and yellow to white and i have
tried crossing them like the wire diagram says and still nothing.

i connected our dvd player to the 4" media player and it worked fine,
so i have eliminated that.

so its either

the wiring, (i have tried different combo's) or
the tx,rx (the small one that goes on the plane get extremely hot ! so
hot you can barely touch it) using a 3s 11.1v battery 750mah

i have tried flipping the channels also. or
the camera itself.

i got a little static through the screen once but thats it. no picture.

can you think of anything else i could try..

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Try switching the yellow and white wires, or hooking the camera up directly to the monitor.
A TX that runs hot is also indication of a poor ant.

Many of these units ship with a poorly matched antenna.

My first unit came with an ant with a swivel... the TX got real hot.

I noticed on the rcgroups FPV threads that the swivel kind is not recommended.

I upgraded to a matched one and the TX runs fine and the picture is alot better.
(only drawback is that the new antenna, being larger, is heavier and has more drag in the airstream)

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