Help with building a gimbal, advice on power supply please.

I have just received in the post two motors and fibreglass parts to build my own gimble frame for a small camera weighing up to 200gms.  I am still waiting for the Gimbal Controller to arrive from China.

While I wait for the Controller, may I please ask if it is best to connect the gimbal to its own battery supply, or let it use the battery which power's my newly purchased Iris, which arrived today?

If it is best to use an extra battery, then what size, strength of LiPo battery would I need?


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plicity. Else use a small 450 or 800 mAh battery. You might consume 200-500mA for the gimbal, depending on trim.

Yep,I agree with above about weight for a small flying rig. Handheld is what I do most  

We use 12v 1500mah lithium Ion. I still like the idea of eneloop style Nicads powering a handheld gimbal. You can leave it for a month and grab it to film and there is still some juice left.

Alll original AlexsMos gimbal control boards work with 4S,no problem with mine(I buy board at  new 32 bit board can handle 6S as well(that's what I experiment with at the moment)...also new software aloud gimbal to work same thru entire range of battery means eaven if you drain it lets say to half it will still work whatz was not the case before when gimbal stop when no enough voltage....

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