Hi, I am trying to enable dspoiler on a X8 wing with 2 servos in each wing.  I am using the elevon_output for hardware elevon mixing.  I am using output channels 5/6, but I have tried both 7/8 as well.  If I set the RC5_FUNCTION to something like "Aileron" or "Rudder" the servo does move, but if I set it to 16 or 17, the control surfaces do not move.  Is there a parameter I am missing somewhere?

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Making progress.  It appears to only work in FBW mode and NOT with ELEVON_OUTPUT enabled.  Also, it doesn't look like it stabilizes the yaw channel.

So it doesn't even work in auto mode and there no pass through in manual mode? How does it help?
I'm curious why you wanted this for the X8.

I'm considering it for my x8 because my trailing edges are warped up from being baked in a hot car, so I need to replace the trailing edges anyway, might as well make the movable control surfaces. I can't figure out what it will actually do for me though.
Maybe a separate gyro mounted for yaw is needed.
Have you considered posting this on Github? It sounds like this was forgotten when Tridge added elevon_output.

I'll give it a try in stabilize mode again.  The latest issue I was having was the inner controls were doing their own thing until I put it into FBW.  This makes it hard to center the servos and controls.

Any progress on this?
I wish there were more input from others.

I flew it in FBW mode, but I need to do some more tuning.  All it did was go in a straight line.  After the wind dies down I'll go play with it again.

it only applicable in FBW mode

Sounds kind of useless then, right? Or does anyone find it useful?

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