I had a brief failsafe the other day while in FPV and managed to survive it. 
I'm flying Pixhawk on a DiscoveryPro with the APM power module, and EzUHF-JR module on a Taranis. After looking at my logs, it certainly appears that I had a classic Throttle FS (set to AlwaysLand). I toggled my FM to recover, but in looking at the logs, I saw something I've not yet seen (but I'm new to APM):

Flying in Stabilize, at about 800 feet away at 60 feet ASL, I got this sequence:


I do not have Battery failsafe enabled, and both my main battery and Vcc were stable during the event (it does not appear to be a brownout). I'm not sure why I got a BATT FS, or why there are RADIO_1 AND RADIO_0 messages (or how they are different). I would have expected to have, maybe, one of the  RADIO_X messages first if this were a throttle FS.

Can somebody crack open my log and help me understand exactly what happened, and why the sequence listed above occured?

I am doing some further tests of why I might have had a radio failsafe, but am trying to better understand what the Pixhawk's version of the story is.

Brit Davis

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Touche.  Technology to prevent a crash is only as good as the technology itself.  I'm not entirely sure what caused that issue, however I did find that my GPS is toast.  It was drifting wildly up to 20ft.

Exactly. I trust myself more than the current state of autopilots available at this level, so I use them sparingly and only when I command it.

What happened to you has happend to me and it scared the crap out of me so bad that it was a moment like, "never again...I cannot allow this flying blender to suddenly have the authority to choose to pilot itself without me commanding it to pilot itself (enable RTL manually), and without the ability to switch it back out of RTL."

If I fly out of control range, I would not be able to switch back to stab, so my preference, based on experiences like what happened to you, is to not ever allow my multi to continue w/o a control link. It should be game over, instantly. For me, that's the only way I can make sure my quad does not get out of my control. No tx = no flying. And this therefore means no flying over people or property, because that can happen at any instant. This is the price I pay for my version of safety.


About battery failsafe, because I have my FS set to cut throttle, I can't afford a random voltage drop or unexpected FC event (like having FS disabled but it engaged anyway) to trigger FS. That was the point of my OP. It fell, and then it reconnected, and I survived it, luckily. If I were flying indoors, or in places with bad GPS coverage, who knows where it would decide to go. And in this case, you might say, "well, disable failsafe in that case" -- but that is what I had done, and it still happened. I can't let that happen, which is why it freaked me out so much and why I was looking for a solution to it. Like a gun with a faulty safety. Scary as crap.


I never usually step in,BUT, you were the one trying to educate him as well as being condescending. Pedals is actually correct here.Mechanical failures,electronic failures,and flight controller errors happen ALL the time. Throt,Batt,Failsafes are essential in the safe flying of these,and were designed for all of our safety. Your comment-- you ONLY use RTL if you comand it_____ Why would you command it? Just because you want for whatever reasson? But Pedals uses it for failsafe reasons because--HE DOESNT PAY ATTENTION? OR HES NOT THE PILOT IN COMMAND?  You think because some of us use Missions, we are not paying attention. Let me get this right--Real pilot using loran-autopilot, are not paying attention---NASA SHUTTLE, they dont have a steering wheel in the craft or on the ground, HMMM, let me see, The SHUTTLE or AIRCRAFT Pilots dont pay attention,or their crafts are not air  worthy, OR have backups that dont just drop them in a field. If we have the ability to get back safely because of RTL, Thats because our units are not airworthy? OR were not paying attention? YOU my friend,were the one trying to make him look substandard, BUT, Pedals,you should not have even responded to him. His comment took care of what people thought of the comment to begin with. Then saying he was educating you and being heavy handed, and condescending. BOY, sure looked like it was the other way around. NO, I do not know him! NO, i never come in and comment anywhere, EVER. If you lose signal and your craft continues with its mission,you can still set a failsafe to throttle off if you lose gps. Or when useing goggles or screen,if gps is lost,you can switch to stabilize and fly back manually, if you have that option, depending on what went wrong. And YES, something can even go wrong with either of your setups. Bottom line, just sounded like you got offended just because someone offered some advice. You really came back and tried to bite his head off for no reason. I would have been offended with your comment as well. I dont know,maybe ive been doing this to long-35yrs plus--

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