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I used the DJI F550 platform to build a drone, and I am using the pixfaclon as a flightcontroller and mission planner as the software. When I fly the drone in loiter mode, it will sometimes land, and then, due to slightly unlevel ground, the props will remain spinning. The worst this has resulted in is me trying to take off again, but the drone completely unexpectedly veering off, losing connection with the controller, slamming into the ground, and seperating the motor from the motor mount, also breaking the electrical connection and rendering my drone useless.

Has anyone experienced this before? What have you done to solve it? How can I fix it? Any suggestions?

PS: I did program in a kill switch, which does not work for a good 5 seconds after I switch it. 

Thanks in advance,


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Have you tried take-off and landing in Stabilize Mode? I generally don't try to land in Loiter. I don't feel like I have enough control.

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