So here's what I'm thinking: I saw this model on Grabcad.com and i started thinking - This looks a lot like  Multiplex's Funjet.... And that flies just fine, so is there some thing I can do to make this plane better: aerodynamics and what not? I'm rounding the edges but what more can I do? Any input is welcome :D

Kind Regards

Simon Madsen

I linked rendered imagery below

I'm  going to make this out of wood for the prototype, and then carbon fiber, perhaps :D

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The shape of the fusalage seems quite complex, might be difficult to make.

It looks a bit high for my liking, I'd be looking to make the fuselage flatter and use it as an airfoil itself to improve lift.

In fact, I'd be looking to reduce the fuselage size generally along with making the frontal cross section less bluff - it looks to me like it'll produce more drag than it needs to.

Do the smaller forward sections of the wing give any appreciable aerodynamic improvements? If not, I'd remove them too... more for looks than anything, if you gave the back of the wings a reverse sweep (more tapered wings) it would have a nice F22 look about it.

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