These are high quality custom PDBs made of 4 layers of 3oz copper, with silk screen, solder mask, conformal coating, electrical testing etc. They were designed to fit the FoxTech FH-H800 frame but could easily be fitted on other frames. Mounting holes for an APM 2.5 are provided for both X and + configurations and I've also matched all the existing mounting holes off of the FH-H800.

Here are the specifics :

- Separate supplies for motors and avionics.

- ESC supply : Two sets of power input pads paralleled together (hole diameter fits 12AWG wires). These are located approximately 1" away from the closest ESC output so with 3oz copper on each power plane the continuous current draw can be pretty high. I would guess at least 60A, probably more depending on acceptable temperature rise (EDIT : It has actually been tested in excess of 100A without significant temperature increase in an open frame hexa).

- Avionics supply : One set of 12AWG power input pads on 3oz power planes. Negative plane is shared with the ESC negative plane.

- Voltage regulation : The avionics plane can host an on-board regulator or use the BEC output from the ESCs, a jumper allows to chose one or the other. I use the Texas Instrument PTR08060WVD 5.5VDC, 6A regulator. The desired voltage can be adjusted via a on-board resistor and there is space for a decoupling capacitor as well. If one prefers to use the BEC outputs these can be paralleled through power diodes if desired.

- Power outputs : pads are provided for 6 x Phoenix Contact 30A terminal blocks for ESC inputs, 2 x 12V output headers for acceossries, 4 x 5V output headers for accessories, 8 pin header for ESC PWM inputs can send back 5V to the APM output header.

- ESC mounting : rectangular openings are intended for mounting the ESCs under the PDB with zip-ties. I've fitted 6 x HobbyWing Platinum 60A Pro ESCs under mine.

- Control signals : all control signals are routed through one of the center planes from an 8 pin header to six standard servo 3 pin headers. I can provide part numbers for locking versions of these headers if desired.

- Silk screen : all component positions, orientations and identifications are silk screened directly onto the board and ESC numbering is coherent with the standard APM order for hexas (1,4,6,2,3,5 CW)

- Dimensions : the boards measure almost 7" (177mm) at their widest and are 80mils (1.8mm) thick.

I have 3 left for sale. I've put considerable time and money in designing these but am just looking to break even so I sell them for $100 a piece along with the schematics and a list of suggested part numbers. These boards are NOT assembled so you must be prepared to purchase the components separately and be equipped to solder them. I would recommend at least a 50W soldering iron as the 3oz power planes sink heat rather well...

For those interested I can also provide CAD and/or CNC files for a matching daughter board that mounts on top of my PDB. Or for a few extra $ I can cut them for you and include them in the same shipment.


I use mine with one 6S 11,000mAH LiPo pack mounted under the frame for powering the motors and two paralleled 3S 1200mAH packs for avionics mounted on top of the daughter board. I've provided mounting holes for elastomer standoffs which mechanically decouple the APM from the frame. The daughter board should allow enough space for an APM, a receiver, a radio modem, video transmitter and at least one battery pack. The slots are for velcro bands.

I hope these can be useful to someone else. I sure had fun designing and assembling them! Don't hesitate to ask should you have any questions or need more pictures, specs, etc.

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Hi Tobie,

I'm working on a build with the FH-H800 frame, and would love to get my hands on your CAD drawings to expand my frame. Do you still have the files?

Cheers - Nick

Hi Nick,

Which one specifically are you interested in? The PDB files or the nav. components mounting board? The PDB files are mostly EagleCAD and/or Gerber files (although I probably still have some DWG outlines somewhere) while the nav mounting board is either DWG/DXF or TAP/NC for CNC cutting.

All the best,



Thanks for the quick response. I should have been more specific - I would like to build the daughter board (pictured here IMAG0604.jpg)



I will send you a PM with the CAD files. Any predilection as for the file format and version (DWG, DXF etc.)?



I'm still waiting to hear back from my friend who has access to a 3d printer, but I'm guessing .STL

Does that make sense?



STL files are 3D, since I've only been working from stock sheet material on a CNC cutter all my files are 2D. So you'll need to extrude from my 2D files and then export the new solid to STL if that is what you need.

Here is the daughter board file in both AutoCAD 2013 and DXF 2000 formats (units are millimeters).

I also have files to replicate the FH-H800's landing gear if you're interested. I broke a bunch when tuning during the early stages...



Hope this helps!

Thank-you very much Tobie!

I'm downloading CAD right now. I'm working on getting into the engineering dept. at my university to use either the CNC machine or the 3d printer. Hope it works!



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