Hi guys I'm testing a hex, with a wheelbase of of 1610mm, 30 inch props, pixhawk1. I am using Lightware SF11, and IRLock for loiter, u-blox GPS.

I have tested this drone with loiter mode, and the first time it was flyable, without any issues. That was using [3.5.3], default PIDs. Heres the video link:



I want to show the other result here and please see the flight logs. In the (unstable) log [3.5.4] there is a sudden diverge between the desired roll and actual roll. Auto analysis shows GOOD for most items.




Did anyone experience this? And also what is the best way to tune a large wheelbase hexa? I have read other posts saying ATC_RAT_PIT_FILT and ATC_RAT_RLL_FILT should be set to 10. I have not tried that yet. But in the good flight they were at 20 Hz and that has me puzzled. Please advise, thanks guys!

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Have you tried running an autotune?


No I haven't because I feel like the drone is not flyable yet. Is there a clue to why the desired roll and actual roll diverged?

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