Hello Dear Friends

I've build an Hexacopter based on Tarot 680Pro frame.

The problem Is that It doesn't take off at all (80% throttle until it actually start trying to)

I've calibrate the Remote (via Mission Planner) and the Esc's and It looks like It doesn't have sufficient power.

The Electronics Specs of it are:

6* 5008-340KV Turnigy Motors

6* Afro ESC 30Amp Esc's (SimonK firmware)  - I didn't try to reconfigure it

1355 Carbon Fiber Propellers

4S 6000mAh 50C 100C/Burst

HML 650 Carbon Fiber Folding Legs

APM 2.6 Firmware 3.2 Controller

Some lite FPV+Telemetry+MinimOSD+3 AA Battries.

Total weight about 2.8Kg

What Can be the problem for it can't lift itself at all?!?

Thank you very much

Best Regards


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If you can make your own large center plate by yourself, still useful original PCB for wiring.

Or, replace six carbon tube for long one.

Then you may be able to use your big motor and larger propeller.

Be certain that the props are not mounted upside down. This is a common error and has led to bushels of pulled hair. Behaviour may be more or less what you describe. 

I have the same frame setup on 4s. Your motors are too low KV for 4s, they just won't spin fast enough to give you the thrust you need for that copter (you would need 6s for those motors on that frame (but you would need to calc your power usage if doing that to make sure your other components are up to the task). If sticking with 4s then its new motors I'm afraid. 1355 props are the standard for this frame.  Mine with a 3 axis gopro/gimbal and 2 x 4s 5Ah LiPos has AUW of 4.3Kg - I have no idea how you get your AUW so light. In any case I am running SunnySky x4108s 690kv motors and get a hover at around 40% throttle on 1355 Tarot CF props. eCalc is f=definitely your friend on calculating the thrust and power/efficiency curves though. Good luck. I'll be interested to see how you get on.

I agree the issue is the motor. I have Tarot 4006 620kv motors on my 680 with 1355 props and  dual 3s 4000mAh Lipos, so quite heavy and it just fly well about 20-30min.

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