Hi all,

I know that this is a very recurrent question and I apologise for any redundancy.

I assembled recently a Tarot T960 frame, T-Motor MT3514 400 (X6), T-Motor ESC 40a (X6), emax 6 axis power board, Pixhawk, 3DR GPS module(X2), 3DR telemetry radio, RC Taranis X9E and receiver X6R.

I managed to get it airborne during first trial, but unfortunately, one of my props was not tight enough and came off in the middle of a flight. The hexa landed with the arm missing the prop, which obviously broke. It also inutilise one of the land gear arms.

After getting the spares and assembly the hexa again, it doesn't want to fly. Instead, it flips as the video shows.

Any ideas on what could be wrong?

Yes, props are all spinning correctly, motors seem to have the same speed, no weird noises, frame set to X shape, etc.


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There is a Mission Planner section of this forum used by the developer, you could make a thread to propose this feature.  However, my bet is he'll want to keep using the existing feature due to the K.I.S.S. principle, it already lets you inspect visually.  Plus depending on your landing gear configuration, the vehicle may not tilt "away" from the motor under thrust.

Esc bad plugged +1 , try to protect your copter to test the first time, I use this extra legs and do little movements to see if the multi responds correctly and them take off very low, land and remove them if all works well, others tie the multi with elastic ropes. Another possibility, check your trims they should be 0 and your level in mission planner Hud

Hi all,

Thank you for the responses. I did have one ESC connected in the wrong hub. I managed to go to the park and test it; it didn't flip, but it tends to go more to one side and when I pressed the throttle to take off, it started oscillates wildly. Is that a sign of frame imbalance? I used the APM planner but I don't know how to retrieve the data from it. 

Just give it to me ill make it work and sell it back to you !! Sounds like a deal ????? lol 

Check that the motors are all sitting very FLAT with respect to one another. I use a phone app for that. Like a level of sort. 

I don't really mind outsourcing these type of things, I don't really have time for them. All I want to do is to fly a camera that I'm prototyping.

I'm in Cambridge, UK, so if you are close let me know.

sometimes, if you don't give enought throttle, It do that effect, If you can contact anyone near you with experience is the safest way, visit uk group, perhaps there is someone to help. 

its my passion i would have def helped you for free. i live in Waterloo, Canada lol unfortunately

I would arm it and with someone elses help hold it by the legs and keep it above ur head and add thrust. see if it just wants to go one way something is in reverse.. 

This is horrifically bad advice!  Don't do it!!!

The first check should always be the motor tests that are built into MP and APM Planner.  Take all your props off and start each motor in turn and check a) the correct motor starts that you're expecting, and b) it rotates in the direction you're expecting.  Very simple, very effective.  I learnt the hard way to do this after flipping a couple of new builds!

he has done that already...its oscillating... I have held the quad many times.. no issues. Flying a quad/hex that flips in front of your face is more dangerous than holding it. Whats going to happen ? Rip your arm off ? 

Hi Fnoop

I did the motor test this morning, and I had all my motors spinning in the correct order. I think my problem right now is that props might not be completely flat. The motor mount of one of my arms is slightly bent up, due to one of my crashes. Moreover, there might be some vibrations, and unbalanced props. I didn't expect it to oscillate so wild to be honest, but I was expecting some sort of imbalance I was hoping to be able to reduce after flying a while.

The other problem I have is that is a massive frame. Anything you do with it is extremely dangerous, not so much for others but for itself. The tiniest crash ends almost certainly in a broken leg or arm. It's heavy, powerful and very difficult to pilot, if you don't have it properly tuned.

Having said that, I will try to level all the motor mounts, reduce vibration in motors and balance the props. I just wonder if that's really the problem for such wild oscillation.

Did you actually take off?  A slight tendency towards one side could be your CoG is off or it needs trimmed/calibrated - you can invoke auto trim mode by keeping your throttle stick down and to the right when arming until the led flashes red/blue:


If it's oscillating wildly as/after it takes off it could be that your default PIDs are really off:


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