Hi all,

I know that this is a very recurrent question and I apologise for any redundancy.

I assembled recently a Tarot T960 frame, T-Motor MT3514 400 (X6), T-Motor ESC 40a (X6), emax 6 axis power board, Pixhawk, 3DR GPS module(X2), 3DR telemetry radio, RC Taranis X9E and receiver X6R.

I managed to get it airborne during first trial, but unfortunately, one of my props was not tight enough and came off in the middle of a flight. The hexa landed with the arm missing the prop, which obviously broke. It also inutilise one of the land gear arms.

After getting the spares and assembly the hexa again, it doesn't want to fly. Instead, it flips as the video shows.

Any ideas on what could be wrong?

Yes, props are all spinning correctly, motors seem to have the same speed, no weird noises, frame set to X shape, etc.


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who said gun the throttle ?? You just dont get it. Instead of going after my advice which was correct from beginning. Work on working with people.

If you disconnected any motor wires, you could have cross wired the motor. Just swap two wires and you should be good.

Check the direction of spin on each motor and the prop for CW or CCW. Make sure each motor is the motor it is supposed to be.

Hi Arnoldo,

This is definitely caused by incorrect motor connection, frame type or orientation. I would suggest reloading the hexa code to make sure you have the right frame. Setting the frame to x type to make sure you have the right orientation. Then I would ensure the motors are connected so that during the motor test you get clockwise rotation from 1 o'clock. After that just double check the prop directions (I know you already did this).

I am sure this has already been said in the thread but I didn't read all your replies.

Good luck!!

Hi Tobias,

Yes, it is true that I made a 'big' mistake building such monster as my first project.

The thing is that the drone is a secondary thing, my project is a multispectral camera and I needed some good payload.

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