Hexacopter Power Distribution Board in diydrones store

Hi, what current rating is it?, I have a large hexa Im rebuilding running on 4S, Im pulling 50amps loaded with a surge when I do punchouts, can the board take XT60's?


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While I don;t know the answer to your question, I did buy this board and have a question of my own. The resistance between battery (+) and battery (-) on this is measured to be mere 62ohm and I'm very puzzled to what it could be. I have removed battery leads, but still the same. Does anyone have this board and using it?


I have had two of these boards with the same issue that creates continuity between + and - (I replaced the first one, thinking I had done something wrong, only to find the same issue with the second one).  I reported it to them, but I doubt they've fixed it.  The issue is that on the top side of the board, the ground plane comes right up next to the + terminal where the power input is.  This would be fine, but the solder mask isn't covering all of the ground plane and causing the positive input to make contact with ground, unless you either cover it with something non-conductive or just get lucky and have no solder flow into the tiny space between the positive input and the ground plane.  Personally, what I've done with my latest one is to use a bit of superglue and a toothpick to cover the exposed area of the ground plane near the positive input.  Then I dried the superglue with a hot air gun and used an xacto knife to clean up the excess superglue.  That being said, I obviously would not recommend this board to anyone who doesn't already have it.  They definitely have some quality issues. 

Thanks for confirmation. That's exactly my findings too. I'm quite surprised it's still offered for sale with such obvious issues it has.


Well, here is the response from 3DR.

"After going through all the boards we finally found a few panels that showed the wear you described in your previous email. We have contacted our pcb manufacturer and they are now aware of the issue with the soldermask. For the future the boards will also come with a larger restrict area between the ground plane and the positive input lead. Thanks for bringing this to our attention."

So, maybe this will get corrected in the next batch. 

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