I'm allready following the APM project for more than two years now and gained a lot of experience through DIYdrones but also from building 3 quads. A lot of failure but getting a succesfull flight from time to time is motivating. In the begining, being a noob at RC flying, a lot of props were ordered. 2 years later I'm glad to say its been more than 7 months since I ordered new ones ;-)


Time has come to go to the next level and start building a hexa.


I would like to get some remarks and or suggestions on my following list.

The hexa project is for gopro filming



I've been looking at two frames that I really like and these are:

-DJI F550

The F550 is a low budget frame that seems to be proven by several users. The only thing I'm afraid of is the twist in the arms. Is iit still there or did DJI resolve this with other material.

-Quadframe SIXcopter

The sixcopter is a very nice frame but more expensive.



-Tiger motors MT2216 900Kv

-Sunnysky 2216 950Kv

Both seem to be the same except the price. So I would go for the Sunnysky.



-APC SF 10x4.7



-Turnigy plush 30A flashed with Simonk.


One more thing to consider is budget (read wife ;-))

Conclusion I would go with the Sixcopter frame and sunnysky's.


Is this a good combination or would you suggest something else.




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Looks like you're on the right track. The DJI frame didn't look that good to me when I was shopping. I ended up with a Turnigy Talon hexacopter frame (which has some design flaws) and am in the process of upgrading to a UAP1 frame which looks similar in design to the Sixcopter frame you're thinking of getting.

Not all of the Turnigy Plush 30A ESC have the ATmega microcontroller. Some of the recent ones have a different microcontroller from Silicon Labs, not sure if they can be flashed or not. If you're really wanting to use the third party firmware you might look for another ESC which is certain to have the ATmega microcontroller. Unless there's another third party firmware for the Silicon Labs microcontrollers that I don't know about?

I don't have experience with those motors but they look nice, maybe on the small side depending on what you want to do with them. I'm using NTM 35-36A 910Kv motors and the extra power they offer has been nice (using 12" props, same Turnigy Plush 30A ESC). Good luck with the build!

Thx Luke for the advise.

That UAP frame sure looks nice and modular.


I stil have some older plush ESC's so that won't be a problem. On the other hand, do you know if its a problem when using atmega and Silanbs side by side on a quad? (non flashed)


I think both motors I mentioned also give a nice punch. 300W with 10 inch blades.

I'm actually want to know if the sunnysky are a good buy/quality.

From what I understand, the Hobby King F-30A ESC is popular ESC for flashing.  They have the Atmega, and N-fet's and are super cheap.  I think with the Plush you are paying for some features in the programming that you end up flashing right over anyway.

The F-30A's are also only a couple grams more than the 20's.  And their programming pins are all in a row which is nice.

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