Dear all, 

I'd like to present my Hexa-project based on the Flyduspider-frame from Flyduino

After playing around with my first quad this summer I decided to add at least a little safety by switching to an hexa. I found the Flyduspider frame which seems like a quite stable and small platform to get started with the first steps in aerial photography. 

I used 6 motors of the A2208/17 1100 KV class (36g), used turnigy 10 A-escs and used 8x4,5 props. I got a GoPro-mount out of CFK which help me to reduce weight. I removed the battery out of the GoPro and supplied it with power out of my ImmersionRC-5.8-Ghz transmitter. As battery I use a Turnigy 4A 3s which gives me around 10 minutes of flight time with 20% remaining battery power. 

As my scale is currently defect I would assume that the whole setup without the battery is below 900g, including GoPro, FPV equipment and LED stripes. The motors should produce around 3kg of thrust at max which left enough room for small payload.

As you see the setup is still transportable within a case < 50 cm. 

As the winter in Germany is currently more an autumn with strong winds I am now waiting for flyable weather to get started with the advanced PID-tuning ;)

Kind regards,


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Good morning

Did you use APM2 ?

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