Hi All.

After a long time away from using APM I was recently lured back.

Unfortunately it's not been "plain sailing". I hope one of you can help me with an issue I have been experiencing for the last 5 days or so.

I have my old APM 2.6 fitted to a cheap hex copter, just as a fun project while I wait for the new Mini Pixhawk, However many times I have calibrated the sensors the hex just wants to roll about 30 degrees to the right at neutral stick input.

I am using a Taranis plus Tx with the only unusual setting is throttle is on channel 1. What I did notice tonight is if I pull up the graph on the flight data page then arm the board and push the throttle slightly forward the motors spin up (no props attached) as expected but the "NAV_ROLL" (green) trace jumps to a mean of "21" and stays there. Up to this point the roll stick is at neutral. I then need to push the roll stick full left to bring the "NAV_ROLL" trace back to zero.

I understand this is not much to go on but I hope one of you has experienced this and can help me quickly fix it?

Kind regards


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What firmware are you using?

Have you checked the radio calibration page on your GCS?

Is the throttle and roll moving as expected?

Have you tried recalibrating your radio?

In the HUD on your GCS does the horizon stay level?


I'd re-do a radio and accel calibration, if that doesn't work find out where the CG is on your craft. If you find that it is not in the general center of the craft try re positioning items on the craft to shift it to the center. If that does not work I'd just program in a trim either through the APM's parameter list or on the radio. Hope this helps,


Will F

Hi Lyn,

I can't offer a solution, but it seems we're having the same problem...


Does my description match what you're seeing? Hopefully one of us can get to the bottom of it.


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